Major Affiliate Marketing Academy's Terms
and Conditions of Use
By using the MAMA Platform, you automatically agree and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the platform, and undertake to perform these rules.

Terms and definitions

MAMA Platform/MAMA Academy/ Major Affiliate Marketing Academy is an Internet resource for learning Internet marketing, through the provision of information services in the form of courses, training sessions, webinars and other formats. MAMA Platform, with a domain, combines intellectual property objects, including software, graphic design, posted videos, photos, text, sound or other materials on the website. The rights holder of the MAMA Platform is the Administration of MAJOR AFFILIATE MARKETING ACADEMY Limited Liability Company (EDRPOU Code 43780438).

Services of the MAMA Platform include courses, training sessions, webinars and other forms of services offered to the User on the MAMA Platform both on a paid and free basis according to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the platform and the Public Offer Agreement (User Agreement).

The User of the MAMA Platform is an individual who has registered on the website and received an assigned login and password.

Registration is a set of actions, allowing an individual to be assigned the status of the MAMA Platform User. Registration is a voluntary expression of an individual's will corresponding to his/her intentions.

Account/Profile contains User's information, created after registration and providing a range of the rights of licensed access to the MAMA Platform services.

Login is an email address specified during registration, used together with a password for the User's authentication.

Password is a secret sequential set of signs protecting access to the User's account. The password is saved on the MAMA platform in encrypted form and is used together with a login for the User's authentication.

The Rules for Using the MAMA Platform

MAMA Platform Administration determines the rules for using the MAMA Platform and reserves the right to make changes thereto. Terms and Conditions of Use of the MAMA Platform may be updated by the Administration without prior or subsequent notification. The User shall familiarise himself/herself with the relevant version of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Terms and Conditions of Use of the MAMA Platform shall apply to all Users since the registration and each subsequent authorisation on the MAMA Platform.

The User can use the MAMA Platform services from the moment of registration. The User shall be obliged to independently verify the accuracy and correctness of his/her data provided during the registration process. The data is provided by the User voluntarily. The terms and conditions for collecting, processing and protecting personal data on the MAMA Platform are contained in the Confidentiality Policy. The MAMA Platform does not require the provision of personal data to view the website.

The User is obliged to save the login and password and not to transmit information hereof to any third parties. If necessary, the User's password may be restored by following the appropriate procedure on the MAMA Platform. The Administration is not responsible for the loss of the User's login and password to access the MAMA Platform, which occurred due to the User's fault or negligence, as well as for any consequences associated with this.

The User is obliged to immediately notify the Administration if the security of his/her personal access to the MAMA Platform is breached with the login and password used. The Administration is not responsible for changes/deletion of the User's account data in the case of authorised access to the MAMA Platform with the login and password of the registered User entered.

An Account can be deleted by the Administration upon the User's written request or on the grounds provided for by the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Changes in the operation of the MAMA Platform services, as well as the full or partial termination of their work can be carried out by the Administration unilaterally without prior notification.

The Administration shall have the right to block the User's access to the MAMA Platform in case of violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use or in the case of using the MAMA Platform in any way that can lead to a violation of the normal functioning of the website and its services.

The Administration shall have the right to block and/or delete, or edit any information posted by the User if it violates any rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, business reputation, at the holder's request or without it.

On the MAMA Platform it is prohibited to:

1. Publish information:

violating the third parties' rights;

containing any insults and humiliation of anyone, inciting hostility, including based on national, ethnic, racial, religious or gender identity;

containing obscene expressions;

an advertisement not authorised by the Administration in written form;

published with a violation of the legislation;

not related to the field of activity and services of the MAMA Platform (spam).

2. Collect confidential information about the MAMA Platform users;

3. Use the MAMA Platform to cause the property and non-property damage;

4. Use any third party's login and password without sufficient grounds.

Any copying and use (full or partial) of the MAMA Platform materials is permitted exclusively with the Administration's written consent.

Rules for Completing Courses on the MAMA Platform

When registering for a course on the MAMA Platform, the User agrees to:

fulfil homework assignments of the courses, examination tests, as well as examination projects of courses on their own, without any assistance of unauthorised persons;

provide only the results of their own work to be assessed by the course teachers and/or MAMA Platform Administration;

have only one account on the website and not to provide it to any other persons;

not to perform actions which can dishonestly improve User's educational performance or worsen/improve the performance of other Users in the course of training.

Disclaimer Statement

Under no circumstances the MAMA Platform shall be responsible for any losses (including but not limited to damage from the loss of profits, data or from the occurrence of dependence, reduced productivity, dismissal or interruption of business activity, loss of programmes or data in information systems or otherwise) arising due to the use, the impossibility of using or the results of using the MAMA Platform, or inoperability, error, omission, interruption, defect, downtime, or delay in transmission, a computer virus or a systemic failure.

Cookie Usage Policy
A cookie is a text file or files containing a small amount of information sent from a web browser and stored on the User's device.

Collecting a part of information sent from the User's browser, the so-called cookie files, is carried out to make a visit to the MAMA Platform more convenient, track visits to the MAMA Platform and improve the service.

The User may not send Cookie if desired (the option is available in the browser settings). Disabling the Cookies, however, may limit the use of the MAMA Platform.

Cookies help estimate the quantity and frequency of requests, as well as identify and block visitors or devices trying to perform bulk download of information from the MAMA Platform.

Types of Cookies used on the MAMA Platform:

1. Essential Cookies
This type of Cookies allows the full use of the website and all its functions (for example, access to protected sections of the website). Without these files, not all website features will be available for User.

2. Performance Cookies
This type of Cookies collects information on how users interact with the website. Data is used to improve the website operation. Information collected by these Cookies is anonymous.

Google Analytics Cookies, Google Tag Manager: are used to analyse certain User's actions on the MAMA Platform.

Yandex Metrica Cookies help distinguish visitors and ensure the proper work of the WebVisor.

3. Functional Cookies
This type of Cookies is used to ensure full-fledged website operation: identify sessions of visitors, improve security, define the User's language choices, make it possible to personalise a visit to the website. Information collected by these Cookies is anonymous.

CloudFlare Cookies are used to ensure security in identification of trusted traffic.

4. Advertising (targeting) Cookies
This type of Cookies collects information about the website viewing features associated with the User's device and is used to make advertising more relevant to the User with consideration to his/her interests. Also, these files can be used by third parties providing services to the MAMA Platform., MyTarget, Google Ads Cookies are used for targeting and selection of relevant content for the User.

5. Social Networks Cookies
MAMA Platform uses Cookies of Facebook to analyse advertising campaigns and track social network users when visiting the MAMA Platform, using the tag mechanism provided by the social network. These Cookies can be also used to track events and for remarketing purposes. Any data collected with these tags will be used in line with the Confidentiality Policy of MAMA Platform and the confidentiality policy of the social network.

To use all the features of the MAMA Platform, we recommend that you allow saving the cookies.

Cookie Usage Policy may be updated by the Administration, so we recommend viewing it periodically to be informed about the types of cookies used by the MAMA Platform.