Confidentiality Policy
We guarantee the confidentiality of personal data and apply organisational and technical measures to protect personal data.

The user gives his/her consent to the MAMA Platform Administration for processing the data obtained, including collection, storage, usage, systematisation, accumulation, update, distribution, depersonalisation, blocking, destruction of personal data left on the website, specified in the questionnaires, systematisation and formation of a database of the website users, for the measures aimed at creating a database of course participants and activities, preparation of statistical reporting, conducting marketing research and implementation of User interaction, using emails and messages, until such consent is recalled.

The user gives his/her consent and permits the MAMA Platform Administration to process the user's personal data, including email, name, last name, sex, contact phone, education degree, age, photo, country/region/settlement, social network accounts on Facebook, Skype, Telegram, VK.

The user confirms his/her consent and entitles the MAMA Platform Administration to carry out automated and non-automated processing.

The user confirms the consent for the use of his/her feedback on the courses and other events of the MAMA platform, as well as the use of photo and video materials with his/her image and voice made at events for content creation, including but not limited to the advertising purposes.

In some cases, the MAMA website Administration can provide access to these data for certain categories of persons responsible for website operation, or to external counterparties (such as providers of technical services, information technologies, hosting services), partners of the platform, courses and activities on an internship or further employment of course participants. In such cases, we ensure taking the appropriate measures to protect such data.

This means that we do not transfer any data to the partners whose data storage rules seem dubious to us, or if we know that such rules differ significantly from the conditions provided for by this Policy.